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Connemara, County Galway

county galwayConnemara (in Irish: Conamara) is a vast area in the West of Ireland consisting of a broad peninsula between Killary Harbour and Kilkieran Bay in the west of County Galway.

Connemara was traditionally divided into North Connemara and South Connemara. The Twelve Bens mountains and the Owenglin River, which flows into the sea at Clifden, marked the boundary between the two parts. Connemara is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, south and north. Connemara's land boundary with the rest of County Galway is marked by the Invermore River (flowing into Kilkieran Bay), Loch Oorid, (west of Maam Cross), and the western spine of the Maumturk mountains. In the north of the mountains, the boundary meets the sea at Killary, a few miles west of Leenane.

The principal town of Connemara is Clifden. The area around the town is rich with megalithic tombs. The famous green/white "Connemara marble" was a trade treasure used by the inhabitants of the prehistoric time and it continues to be of great value today.

Visitors to Connemara can enjoy many activities and attractions such as fishing on river, lakes and deep sea- angling. Connemara boasts magnificent golf courses, both link courses and stunning inland locations also, and Connemara often plays host to exciting golf competitions.

If walking or cycling is your idea of the perfect holiday, then Connemara is the place for you! Walk, jog or cycle some of the most unspoilt countryside that the west of Ireland has to offer. Visitors with an interet in equestrian hobbies will find mountains, bogs and seashores with plenty scope for horse riding or pony trekking. Getting close to nature is so easy in Connemara.

If you enjoy more challenging activities, you can choose from a wide variety of outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, scuba diving, sailing, mountain climbing, swimming in the sea ... to name but a few.

The unique flora and fauna of Connemara, make it a paradise for botanists and ornithologists, with a range of beautiful and interesting gardens, which display an almost sub tropical style, due to the Gulf Stream, passing the coast.

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